The Horses
  1. Jasmine
    Our fantastic piebald cob mare, Jasmine is a wonderful confidence-giving horse who is loved by many. She loves to jump and most enjoys her show jumping!
  2. Orin
    Orin is great for beginners and those with special needs, he is steady and reliable, with lovely blue eyes, he has many fans and is a loveable cheeky chappy!
  3. Daisy
    Daisy is a child's dream pony, she is caring and sweet and our Mum to Kali. She has taught many to ride and enjoys being groomed as well as playing gymkhana games!
  4. Dolly
    Dolly is a sweet, inquisitive bay mare who loves company. She loves her food and especially dinner time!
  5. Saxon
    Saxon is a big gentle giant, he loves to be the centre of attention and enjoys being groomed and fussed!
  6. Kali
    Kali is the youngest member of the Equus family, Daisy's surprise foal. She is currently in training and will join the ridden team when she is old enough!
  7. Doodles
    Doodles is the smallest member of the team, at only 8hh. He is for tiny riders and helps give confidence to those who are getting used to our larger friends!
  8. Princess
    Princess is an Arab x TB bay mare. She is retired now, but still enjoys lots of fuss and being groomed.
  9. Jerry
    Jerry is a fun, cheeky chap, great to ride and has lots of fans! He is a chunky piebald fella with lots of character and best buddies with Orin.
  10. Toby
    Toby is our little old man on the yard, he is a real poppet and everyone loves him.
  11. Tucker
    Tucker is one of our younger family members, he is a quiet fella to learn to ride with and a friendly face on the yard.
  12. Jaffa
    Jaffa is a special horse, who is a kind and sensitive character and the original inspiration for Island Equus. He loves to jump and is lots of fun to ride!