Inspire Groups

Alternative education.

Island Equus provides half-term or termly courses for enrichment or specific learning needs. We can encompass the many social, psychological and physical benefits already outlined in our therapeutic work to meet your requirements.
Courses can also provide riding or vocational training for students who need a new perspective on learning. We can also help your students with making career choices.

Choose your focus.

If you are a teacher thinking of new ways to inspire and motivate your class in English and Maths then an inspirational course at Island Equus can help facilitate learning in a new and effective way.  As well as horse care and riding we have facilities to accommodate your group for lectures and class work.  Refreshments are also provided for groups.
We provide real life examples of mathematics in action through, shape, area and perimeter, measurements, co-ordinates, graphs, number, information and statistics, with the added benefits of riding and stable management. Suitable for KS2, KS3 and GCSE. We will work with you to meet student ability and learning outcomes
Inspiring your students with creativity, reading and writing skills. Group sessions at Island Equus can provide an excellent springboard for projects at KS2, KS3 and GCSE.  Students can spend time with the horses and enjoy a riding lesson before taking time around the horses for creative writing, poetry or comprehension. We can tailor sessions to student ability and learning outcomes.
If you are looking for a new art project for your class, enrichment or community group Island Equus can help provide inspiration. We can provide opportunities from the photographic to real-life drawing sessions.
Offering your class a taster session can help inspire new ways to engage with physical activity.  As outlined in the ‘Physical benefits’ section, you will see how riding can make a difference to students who find it difficult to participate in traditional school sports or for those who need a new challenge.