About Equus
There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.

― Winston Churchill
Horses can't talk, but they can speak if you listen.
Horses have the ability to uncover our emotions, from our deepest fears to the heights of pure, unconditional love. The horse reflects our behaviours and personality, becoming a metaphor of how we live our life and of how we communicate in relationships. So often, human experiences leave us let down, lose trust or become fearful to communicate. Horses have the ability to sense and react accordingly. During this process we can help people to understand themselves and work towards a happier, healthier outlook.
Island Equus provides a therapeutic environment to enable young and old alike to meet the challenges unique to the equine experience. Whatever your goals in life, let our horses take you there.
Working with a horse or pony individually or within a group is proven within psychological literature to reduce anxiety, depression and stress, therefore increasing well-being. Helping you to be calm and to focus.